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neku wrote

Sorry unless there's chatgpt integration I'm not interested 😒


flabberghaster wrote (edited )

As of my latest knowledge update, the only two websites that exist are and

However it's important to remember that DAE juicero?


oolong wrote

needs a dog


Dogmantra wrote

this should be advertised with that dante from the devil may cry series sticker but saying "featuring devtesla from the /r/shibe subreddit"


twovests wrote

I'm back here five days later and I just want to appreciate this. Every time I look at this there's something new that really captures the attention. I don't know how to explain it-- always something new that I had already seen on it, but somehow it's like I'm looking at it with fresh eyes.

This time it's the Wii remote cursor. It was the last thing I noticed last time-- like reading the final sentence of an engrossing book chapter with a clever bit of implication that only hits you once you've started the next. Something you could have easily missed.

But this time, it's just leaving me thinking... That's a kind of artistic genius. I'm saying this sincerely! It's such a subtle thing to come to mind.

It's the kind of thing that makes me want kids. And want my kids to have kids. All so I could be 100 years old, sitting in a museum with a large printout of a meme very much like this, explaining the historical significance to my great grandkids.

About "iPhones" and "scams" and "the Nintendo Wii" and how big a deal motion controls were and Bitcoin and the scams and SHA-256. And how much money $10 was.

And they'll go, "Wow," as we scour the wastelands, picking apart toasters for their microprocessors. "I wish we had the internet."

There's so much to appreciate here, packed into this meme. It's full of meaning, for a tiny, tiny corner of the internet. It's amazing that, by being so small and niche, a post made for us is made more special by differences to the ordinary.

I guess I mean to say is, this post elevates my awareness of the ordinary to the extent that, when reconsidering it, it feels foreign and poignant like this meme.

My only request is this: if you have more of this kind of content on the crap/ subdirectory, please oh please give me a 200 instead of a 403. Let me see the crap.

And if not that, at least let me earn Bitcoin while watching TV.

this is a very good post and i love it very much. thank u for making jstpst possible and thank u for making jstpst better