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Friends at the table!!! I'd say the cream of the crop for actual play podcasts. Great world building, representation, stories, and humor. They also play a lot of really good games you don't usually see in the mainstream. All the people that play in it are wonderful. I'd recommend starting with Marielda as it's a bite size campaign if you look into it. From there either jump back to Autumn (some say start at ep 5 if the quality is too tough for you to handle before) or move on to Winter, or maybe even Twilight Mirage.

The empty bowl (which I've already repped here) is great and relaxing

Edict Zero: FIS is a sci fi detective audio drama that takes really interesting turns and has a great world. CW for an fairly ablist character though.

Waypoint radio is a video games podcast by folks at Waypoint (Vice games) that talks about games with a progressive bent, and also about respresentation, the state of labor in the industry, and other such things. Their sign-off slogan is "fuck capitalism, go home" to give you an idea of where they stand.

Mission to Zyxx is a humorous improvised audio drama about some nobodies trying to make their way through a space opera.

Hello from the Magic Tavern is a similar idea to Mission to Zyxx, but about a guy who steps into a portal into a magical fantasy world. It's kind of cis-hetty sometimes but generally good.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms Podcast (that's the name lol) is an extremely well contextualized reading of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The host manages to keep it both fun and interesting, and provides cultural context most westerners probably wouldn't understand when needed.

Lastly, Haha Yeah is a comedy podcast by two very funny self-identified twinks on Mastodon. You don't need to be a member of the Mastodon community to enjoy their japes. Here's a clip someone did an animation for.


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i know it took me five days to come up with this quip but thank goodness it ends so quickly


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this is like asking for a ps2 for christmas and getting one of those ps1's with the attached lcd screens


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oh also thanks for reminding me i've been meaning to watch girls' last tour


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that being said ubi soft still sucks for a lot of reasons but what aaa game corporation doesn't


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honestly i gotta give em props for still releasing just dance on the wii cause a lot of like parents and kids still play those games on the wii :P