post post post I wanna see yur posts I wanna be yur friend

jstpst is a place for posting about anything. Posts can be silly or serious. Posts can be effortful or not. Just post it already, because you are funnier and more interesting than you think you are.

The most important rule here is "Just Post". If you've never had a post or comment removed it means you haven't been posting enough.

Most people don't need to worry about this, but we do remove or ban for posts with language or content that is harmful. This includes posts demeaning to women, people of color, religious and cultural minorities, those with disabilities, fat people, sex workers, survivors of trauma/abuse, and gender, sexual, and romantic minorities. We do not allow posts mocking tragedies (including historical ones) and sexual abuse. We don't allow wiggle room for irony or reappropration, as we have no way of gauging someone's intent.

Anyone can create their own community on jstpst. If you ever have an idea for one, the create forum button is in /forums. You will have to wait 24 hours after making an account to make a forum, however.

CSS styles on jstpst are completely customizable, including a togglable night mode. You can find options under user settings, and can upload your own CSS styles in /themes.

The software this site runs on is called Postmill, which was built for the leftist forum Raddle. You can find out more information about how the site works from their wiki.

It's good to post online. The following things make posting online less good:

  • Explicit or implicit expectations that a post should meet a standard, either of being funny or interesting or positive
  • Expectations of building an audience
  • Real name policies
  • Corporate spaces designed around marketing and engagement

And that's not getting into issues of harassment and hate speech.

We're building the space that we want to post in. It's a place that is moderated for harm reduction and anti-spam, but nothing else. You're free to post things you might not elsewhere, and have interesting and unexpected interactions that teach you more about yourself and others. We welcome you to join us!