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but we can sell this link to a rare post and make lots of money, we just need to rally the people


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I had a similar revelation about riding a bike. I can ride for four hours straight with no breaks, but at the beginning of the year I decided to do a ten mile walk and it took like three days before my legs stopped hurting from it afterwards.


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I really like New World of Darkness! I feel like it's underrated, it has a lot of the same story driven stuff as in Blades in the Dark and its variations, but it's from an older generation of TTRPGs. I don't see many people talking about it.

But, the worldbuilding is incredible and i love the way it does kind of how in BITD you roll and look at the highest die you get, in WOD you roll x number of d10s and count how many are over 7 to determine success or failure.


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If it helps, it's a symmetric encrypted message, so all one would have to do us guess the password.


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I hate rejection! I'm sorry you're feeling sad friend. I'm glad you're able to feel your feelings.