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neku wrote

this is a great idea. i come to this website because i want to see all the worst posts from the other websites


flabberghaster wrote

I love searching the internet for hours looking at things that piss me off and then showing them to my friends who I know will be pissed off at them too.


hollyhoppet wrote

wait do you mean reddit? like i figure reddit is a ghost town by now lol


emma wrote

i'm very self-conscious of answering this, because it feels like i'm on the edge of doing the thing i'm criticising.

so i'll be vague instead: you can substitute 'on here' and 'other bigger website' for ones that rhyme with 'gastrodon' and 'mritter', respectively. i'm dependent on using gastrodon's explore tab to find interesting accounts to follow, but thanks to people screenshotting all the bad things from mritter, i get to see all the bad things from there on gastrodon instead, interspersed with self-satisfied wanking about how gastrodon isn't full of the things it's full of screenshots of.


hollyhoppet wrote

because it's decentralized mastodon is odd because there's a lot more "pockets" and some pockets do twitter sharing and some don't. i see barely any twitter screenshots in my neck of the woods. it all depends on what instance you're on and what instances that instance federates or chooses not to federate with.

if you're on a large instance, especially the dumpster fire that is you may benefit from moving to a smaller one if you've seen enough posts coming from one that's nice. is a pretty chill generalist instance for example.

and yeah most people who are just there to talk and make friends have quite a distaste for the "explore" tab because like... it's designed to show you the fire hose of shit.


twovests wrote

i have to say, this just feels like good ol forum culture

the beef between animalcrossingcommunity and animalcrossingahead was rare and tender. i miss it