my silly little gay internet crush that spawned at the beginning of october is Requited and I think that's pretty neat!

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who knows where it'll go if anywhere (I've never done internet dating (distinct from online dating which uses dating sites and implies being pretty geographically close u kno) and I don't really know how it works at ALL or if I'm even equipped for it (she lives on the opposite side of the country smh) but, well, after my experience earlier this year, it's nice to know I'm not literally ALWAYS reading too much into things!

also if any of y'all have experience with internet dating and have advice, like, hit me up? pls share i have no idea what im doing


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ellynu wrote

being so far apart physically sucks bc it can be hard to spend quality time together so i'd just say try n find things you can do together on a regular basis even if its just playing a silly video game or watching movies in a call or something so u don't feel alone. and communication and stuff is key but that is true of every relationship and im sure u know that.


Dogmantra wrote

oh! oh! I love 2 hear it! I'm afraid I have no advice but I am rooting for you!