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a true prophet. does your dad work at gamefreak?


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false something something cool and epic georg


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i found this a couple weeks ago, got bored a couple questions and tried to speedrun it - ended up trapped lol


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Full recovery as far as I can tell, tho it took like a month or two for me and my parents to shake it off cause we didn't really know what it was so we probably weren't treating it properly.

Us realizing it was covid was more of an after-the-fact thing, once we had recovered and the symptoms were better-known.


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I got my bout a damn year ago, like the day after Christmas 2019, so its a little hard for me to remember. But I thought it was the flu at first - I don't recall getting a sore throat, it was more just like coughing, maybe fever, and a generally shitty feeling, all of which got worse the next day.