hey Fuckers. I'm a Smarmy Software Engineer. I'm drawing a Graph...

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i'm suych a Mother Fucker.

see this graph? the axis will have Bars.... a bar Chart...

I'm LABELING IT. Drafting...

Next label? Writiung unit tests...

guess what's next.? Writing documentatin.

oh yeah. you know what's this leadfing to huh? Writinge cod.e...

Fuck yea. Next oine... Debugging

you hate me don't you? this graph is Me....!:


                      ------------------------> Time
Drafting             |====>
Writing Unit Tests   |=========>
Documentation        |====>
Writing code         |=======>
Debugging            |===>

oh yeah.

Fuck euyajh.... time for the nextr graph

this one represents Fools.


                 Time ------------------------>
Drafting             |==>
Writing Unit Tests   |
Documentation        |==>
Writing code         |================>
Debugging            |==============================>

yeah . im felin so FUckin Smarmy. you know i am Right. i love my GRAPH ANALOGIES. ogd Damnn. Whty can;t everyone be as GOOD as ME at TYPE CODE OUT ???? fuck yeah,....

just kidding though....

i am... Maintainer of the F ools Code........

.... science quality is code quality...

code quality is nill....

i am now a Flat Earther.

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Dogmantra wrote

I drew a graph of my coding stuff too

                              Time ----------------------->
Thinking about how cool it will be to have made something =============================================>

downloading game engines and never using them ======================>

actually coding anything

flabberghaster wrote

Hello, I am also a smarmy software engineer. What's that? You have a simple question about how to do X thing?

Don't do X thing. Let me link you to my blog post titled "x thing considered harmful." The fact that you are even asking about how to do X thing makes it obvious to me that what you really need to do is throw away your entire project and rearchitect it from scratch, because if you need to do X thing, that's a code smell baby. You're working with garbage and you're garbage at programming.