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hollyhoppet wrote

when i came back to the us after living in denmark for three months i was extremely surprised at how much sugar our bread actually has, blech


neku wrote (edited )

wait, irish subway bread is one tenth sugar? am i reading this right?

e: wait no it's one tenth of the flour. that said, bread is, as i understand it, mostly flour


oakreef wrote (edited )

For every 100g of flour there is 10g of sugar. 100% wouldn't mean there was no flour and all sugar, it would mean there was equal weight of sugar and flour. I would be surprised if it wasn't the same in other countries subway operates in.


Dogmantra wrote

I love cases where they legally determine how to classify stuff because it's one of those things where they have to create some sort of specific line that bears little resemblance to the way we actually classify things!