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I think it kinda rules how mellow this place is for the most part - the mostness is equally as important as the mellowness. For one, I can actually read pretty much all there is here. Secondly it's kind of soothing on the balance yet I feel the permission to yell if needed. Thirdly it causes me some pleasure that this site is actually usable with a custom skin that I made on my own (Saturn-Valley if you want to check out). That's like web 1.0 shit I am nostalgic for.


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hollyhoppet admin wrote

glad you like it. sometimes i worry how small we are compared to the fempire days but overall iā€™m pretty happy with how chill things are.


musou wrote

this is my favorite website on the internet and i agree with everything you said


Caribou wrote

I don't post much but I always come here to read what everyone's up to.