at my university people leave their laptops unattended for like an hour at a time. when some shiny macbook pro never used for anything but onenote and chrome is abandoned for ages by a balenciaga premed my crow brain cannot help but tell me to jack their shit

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like, i don't even shoplift when the chances of getting caught are nil! theres a meeting room in the library across from where im sitting and everyone in it left to get lunch or whatever 45 minutes ago and left like six ipads and macbooks just sitting there like lambs for the slaughter. i dont even know how you would flip stolen devices. they can brick their shit remotely so its not like stealing someones fucking jewels or whatever. it's not even about the money! i just want to do it just because they need to learn! they shouldnt just up and leave their expensive things where anyone could get them when there are sickos like me, lurking


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victoria wrote

i think it would be more evil to just like, put it on top of a nearby shelf, so location tracking would say it hasnt moved


twovests wrote

simply close them and flip them turnways to the incorrect orientation. like a spooky ghost