congrats to jstpst.net for running a postmill that's so old it doesn't suffer the recently discovered xss vulnerability

Submitted by emma in just_post


i've been telling people that we should just secure computers by not upgrading. like for instance, i didn't install the backdoored xz because i don't upgrade my software, and i'm not going to get microsoft's latest bing-pushing malware since my computers at home run either windows 7 or a windows 10 that hasn't been updated in 8 months.


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devtesla wrote

shocking how often doing nothing is the right call


oolong wrote

another windows 7 user, this is reassuring to me ;v;


neku wrote

"User Choice Protection Driver" hah


hollyhoppet wrote

also yeah i got so tired of microsoft's bullshit that i decided to just switch to linux. it's a pain sometimes but i'm quite liking it so far and i can play almost every game on it these days.