A good "gritty reboot" should do its best to force the fantastical elements of a silly story into an uncompromisingly grounded story compatible with reality

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This is something I liked about "The Magicians", which is a Harry Potter x Narnia fanfiction that tips more into "scifi" in how it attempts to reassure rather than suspend one's sense of disbelief.

The more fantastical a show, the more compelling such a gritty reboot is.

This is why I stand by my statement on the Fairly Odd Parents, because that's just so silly, haha, how do you even DO that without the humor derived from comical gags which definitionally play on inconsistencies? Butch Hartman could never?


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flabberghaster wrote

I thought for a second you were advocating we bring back those terrible gritty memes.


anethum wrote

this brings to mind hpmor, which... i actually enjoyed when i read through it a while back. it did suffer from "forgetting to be a story"; better writers probably could avoid that pitfall.