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devtesla wrote

I'm not sure if it fits all your criteria but UNRWA is the one I've seen mentioned the most. 4-star on Charity Navigator, tax deductible. About a hundred of their workers have been killed in Gaza because Israel is unfathomably evil.


twovests wrote

I appreciate this! I ended up figuring Charity Navigator is my best bet to avoid solicitations, and I could gamble on some spam if it means I could provide aid.

I ended up going with UNRWA (1) just because you posted it but also (2) a lot of the higher-rated charities with similar >90% scores had different gaps in the rating breakdown.

I also learned Doctor's Without Borders (1) is calling for a ceasefire and (2) does not operate in Israel (since they are focused on filling gaps in medical care, and Israel does not have those gaps.) I think they're generally a safe bet to send money to too.