where do you donate money to aid palestinians?

Submitted by twovests in just_post

i'm looking for, at the minimum:

  • reputation: somewhere of good repute that will make good use of my money
  • no spam: somewhere that does not sell data, or send you mail or email trying to get more money from you.
    • this is a big one. i used to donate 10% of my income, which was (1) too much tbh and (2) unsustainable with the amount of spam i got and fcc complaints i had to make.
  • a focus on palestinians, esp. gaza: there are a number of charities focused on providing aide for victims of "the israel-hamas war", but israel is the aggressor nation, has billions in international funding for aide and warmaking, and has israel has inflicted several times more death and destruction against palesetinians and others than hamas inflicted on israelis a month ago. israel is saturated with aid, gaza is not, so i'd like to focus my aid on gaza.

i'd also like:

  • somewhere with tax-deductible donations, because this means (1) i pay less taxes but also (2) the US govt gets less of my taxes

I used to identify with "effective altruism" when I simply wanted to make sure I was donating in a way that gave the best bang-for-my-buck. I actually heard of it here (or on TF). I think I'd still identify with the term if it weren't for cryptocoin drama.

i'm currently looking at Charity Navigator, which both (1) ranks charities and also (2) has some focus on helping people donate without a deluge of solicitations (one, two) .

Does anybody have advice here? I'm not a Moneybags McGee but I have spare money that I'd otherwise just be putting into savings.


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devtesla wrote

I'm not sure if it fits all your criteria but UNRWA is the one I've seen mentioned the most. 4-star on Charity Navigator, tax deductible. About a hundred of their workers have been killed in Gaza because Israel is unfathomably evil.


twovests wrote

I appreciate this! I ended up figuring Charity Navigator is my best bet to avoid solicitations, and I could gamble on some spam if it means I could provide aid.

I ended up going with UNRWA (1) just because you posted it but also (2) a lot of the higher-rated charities with similar >90% scores had different gaps in the rating breakdown.

I also learned Doctor's Without Borders (1) is calling for a ceasefire and (2) does not operate in Israel (since they are focused on filling gaps in medical care, and Israel does not have those gaps.) I think they're generally a safe bet to send money to too.