There's a retirement home on my way to work

Submitted by bunnies in just_post

Well, it's not really a retirement home proper, it's a condo building where you can only buy apartments if you're over a certain age. And I think there are some communal spaces for the old people to hang out, and maybe some care arrangements as well.


On my way to work today, there was an ambulance outside, and I saw the ambulance personnel roll in a stretcher.

On my way home from work, there was a sign outside that same door, advertising an apartment for sale.


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bunnies wrote

I don't actually think those two things were connected, but how's that for bad timing?


neku wrote

retirement homes are fucking cruel. don't want to be a good little Inheritance Boy in the comments but old people spend hundreds of thousands buying a unit then when they die their children cant reclaim any of that equity. its owned by the retirement home. they just sell the unit again for another couple hundred grand. it's privatised estate tax


nomorepie wrote

that is wild. here the model is more like you rent an apartment or your room, and you get food and medical care for that money as well. granted they set the price just so most people's pension goes to it and places are very few.