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We all know how good juicero was, but it was too far ahead of its time.

One of the key features was that you had to scan a barcode and it would verify that the juice pack came from the juicero corporation so you knew it was legit. Customers and juice enthusiasts loved this.

But the problem is if I have a juice pack I don't want to drink (maybe it tastes like crap or I have too many other amazing gadgets to play with and don't have time), you have two options: drink it anyway or throw it out. What a waste!

That's where my idea comes in. What if you have a juice pack you don't want but someone else might? You could send it to them and then they'd get to enjoy it. But how do you know a robber didn't steal it, preventing them from getting it?

My plan is simple. Each juicero pack gets a unique code. Each of these codes is put in to the Juicerium block chain (patent pending) as an NFT.

Unlike current NFTs, where the content on the blockchain itself is simply a URL on another server, these Juicerium codes would be small enough to fit directly in the block chain.

When you buy a juicerium pouch, you put the NTF in your juicerium wallet, and the machine will not squeeze the pouch unless you own it. This also means you can sell unwanted pouches to others, eliminating a major source of food waste.

Traditional grocers don't support use cases like futures contracts on the stuff they sell, and I think this is what's going to set us apart.

Please DM me for information on how to invest.


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Dogmantra wrote

I'm in, provided that NFT stands for "Nutritious Fruity Thirstquencher"