got a big dumb silly crush on an internet person lol

Submitted by toasthaste in just_post

I do this all the time, get silly crushes so so easily on people On Line who I've interacted with a handful of times, that I have no expectations for and never go anywhere and don't last long but like. it's fun. it's fun! it's fun to have feelings and be excited about another human being in this way. maybe this is something other people would call a friend-crush? idk, I don't really know how to pick that apart. but anyway. it's fun and makes me feel silly and goofy in the good way.


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Dogmantra wrote

it's good to like people!!! I'm glad you like people!!!


toasthaste wrote

liking people fun! liking people fun! I don't like most people but sometimes I do!


devtesla wrote

oh good! and oh no not again lol


toasthaste wrote (edited )

this is much more chill, I do not know this person well, I don't want anything from this besides "heehoo cool friend who im excited about" this is just fun and silly and a nice time