i get the feeling that i am the only person my friends know who knows someone who does not have a smartphone

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one of my biggest and simplest concern with app-based covid passports is that they require someone to own and use a recent smartphone

this is a problem to me because i know people who don't have a smartphone, and i also know somewhere around 1/5 people in the US alone don't own a smartphone

there's other things that concern me about this (like, is that blockchain contract still going through???) but am i the only one who feels uncomfy about vaccine passports specifically?


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devtesla wrote

vaccine passports are a band aid solution to the fact that so many people in the country who should be vaccinated aren't. if healthcare in the country was remotely decent, the issue not insanely politicized, and people reliably knew they could get the time off to take em we wouldn't need passports at all.

if we do them they should be a physical thing, for the reasons you state. but yeah in this country there's millions who the people charge are perfectly fine just falling through the cracks, which they've made clear over and over again


musou wrote (edited )

i would choose to not own a smartphone if i could, but every job i've had for the last 8 years has required them for multifactor authentication. (the fact that i can play MTG on mine is just a consolation prize.) if we need to start carrying vaccine records for stupid reasons, i agree that they should definitely be paper. i'm never, ever handing my unlocked device to another person.