gritty and relevant superhero shows are good actually. (some spoilers)

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some good shows (with minimal spoilers. Search for content warnings if that is important for you, I am avoiding CWs for these shows in this post. For the record, these are all pretty gorey/gritty.)

  1. Watchmen (TV series), it's an "alternative history" that picks up from the comic books. It begins with a depiction of the Greenwood race massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A lot of fans on the other site didn't realize at first that the opening scene was a depiction of a real event.
  2. The Boys: Amazon Prime has surprisingly has a lot of shows with explicitly anti-capitalist or anti-fascist messages, and The Boys is one of them. It will seem like some gritty masculine The-Expendables-esque show at first, and then you get into it, and then you're like, "Oh wow, they tell, they don't show. Hey, I like it when they tell more than when they show."
  3. The Boys again, seriously, watch it if you get the chance.
  4. Invincible, it's not nearly as politically/socially relevant as Watchmen or The Boys, but it's really fun.
  5. Wandavision. Again, not nearly as politically or socially relevant, but Christ. Marvel has been churning out boring, predictable, samesy superhero movies, and then they finally made something interesting and intriguing! It's not super gritty but hey it's good.
  6. Another one I forgot. I recall having another thing to mention here but I forgot it. It's not Jupiter Rising, because that show just isn't catching my interest.
  7. batman begin: yeah this ones a classic

Seriously, this is like, the third time I've seen a renewed interest in superhero bullshit (outside of Marvel) in the past two decades. Gritty reboots are IN again but this time they're actually good. Come on Marvel, we're having egotistical powerful assholes destroying cities during their scuffles and you're telling me there are no civilian casualties? Is there any Marvel movie where blood actually visibly flows, save for very minor wounds?

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toasthaste wrote

I enjoyed The Boys season 1, had been watching it weekly with a friend, and then our plans to watch season 2 got stymied by the pandemic. hoping to get back to that soon tho!