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onevest wrote (edited )

i agree that it sounds very wild

TLDR: It sounds wild but is true. Just google "organ harvesting falun gong" and "organ harvesting uyghur". I focused too much on Uyghur people, the Falun Gong have been and still are also having their organs harvested.

First: Concentration camps for the Uyghur ethnic group (an extreme minority ethnic group which is mostly Muslim) (is most definitely a thing)[], and (1)there's (2)plenty (3)of (4)research into facial ethnicity recognition and into recognition of Uyghur faces in particular.

Uyghur people make up less than 1% of the China population, but nearly half of people in Xinjiang are Uyghur. Xinjiang has a higher amount of surveillance than the rest of China, and anybody who enters the region has to consent to having a spyware app installed to their phone.

Finally, regarding organ harvesting, the most egregious claim: There's a well-known less-recent history of organ harvesting from other political prisoners, most notably the Falun Gong. The "reliance on death row inmates" for organ harvesting was supposedly ending around 2014.

Reports on systematic organ harvesting from Falun Gong prisoners first emerged in 2006, though the practice is thought by some to have started six years earlier.

Further down in the article,

Based on his research, Gutmann concluded that organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience became prevalent in the northwestern province of Xinjiang during the 1990s, when members of the Uyghur ethnic group were targeted in security crackdowns and “strike hard campaigns.”

I.e. If this is correct, they were harvesting organs from Uyghur people (who are mostly Muslim) and switched to Falun Gong around 1999.

So, aside from all this history, there are more recent reports that organs are still being harvested from prisoners. This is following an investigation that was released publicly, at ChinaTribunal

I focused too much on Uyghur people, but reading into this, the Falun Gong still are and have been being focused on. I was focused on the Uyghur people because of the amount of ML publications I saw regarding facial recognition of Uyghur people.


neku wrote

falun gong is a fascist cult...


onevest wrote

can you provide more details here? i didn't know about this and i can't find a lot of details supporting that, and i definitely want to know more