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Do you ever think about how the world is dying? The ecosystems are collapsing as we watch and nothing is going to be done in time to stop it. We are in a mass extinction and humans are to blame, and we know this.

And we know that a hundred corporations are responsible. And we know they are pouring huge resources in to stopping us from doing anything about the fact that they're destroying the earth, our home and the home of all life in the universe that we know of.

And we know all this, and yet meanwhile instead of doing anything about this, i just keep going to worj every day trying to figure out ways to make computers slightly faster. And everyone else seems to be in the same mode; we know the earth is dying and we know who's doing it and we know we need to stop it... But we just keep going because no one knows what the fuck to do.

Bystander effect on a civilizational level.


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musou wrote

i feel this every day too. for whatever it's worth, i don't think it's purely bystander effect, because a lot of people do try to stop this from happening. but the ones who try most seriously end up paying with their freedom or their lives.