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twovests wrote

Oh man :\

I'm assuming this isn't a niche case where integrating an LLM makes sense right?

Perhaps you could raise high standards for the business justification and value of adding an LLM. Note the reputational risk of appearing to chase gimmicks at the expense of user experience. Maybe your app demographic is one which would be alienated by adding LLM garbage?

The company I work for has a natural-language processing powered tool and we've still not integrated new LLMs into it AFAIK. (The only information I have about this is what's public knowledge, to note)

Either way, good luck!! If you have to do the LLM integration I hope you can at least host your own models and you can at least make it known how poorly interpretable and how poorly predictable LLMs are.


hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

the company is extremely bullish right now on automation as a cost saving measure so unless it's something directly unethical i don't think i have much room to call it out. also yeah we're not hosting our own models it would be through chatgpt lol

best case i can say "i don't know if this will work very well" and do whatever they ask. best best case is i'm only tangentially doing something to enable another team's integration.