Friendly reminder that Notch really did not make Minecraft

Submitted by twovests in killallgames

Notch was a guy who developed Minecraft, got rich, then became an internet Nazi, and now we all say "Hatsune Miku created Minecraft".

This is the simple story but we forget one thing: Notch didn't make Minecraft. He honestly, truly does get undue credit, and everything I say below would still be true even if he wasn't a Nazi.

Let me explain:

  • In 2009, Zachtronics (check them out if you like Redstone) released Infiniminer.
  • In 2009, Notch began writing a clone of Infiniminer, which would become Minecraft. This became insanely popular.
  • In 2010, he hired a few people, including Jens Bergensten.
  • In 2011, Notch stepped down from Mojang (Minecraft), and left Jens in control of the rest.
  • The Java code was so bad that the game was written from scratch for each port. These eventually coalesced into Bedrock Edition, the faster C++ port. The Java edition still exists because of the community modding ecosystem.


  • Notch did not have the original idea for Minecraft
  • Notch was involved with Minecraft for two years of its 13+ year development
  • Notches original work is generally considered Bad Coding
  • If anyone should get the credit, it's Jebs (and even then, for leading a team to make Minecraft so good)


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hollyhoppet wrote

good post

also for some reason i always thought bedrock was c# but c++ would make more sense


twovests wrote

Me too! But I checked, it's C++!

I also learned that mod support is actually really good for Bedrock. Microsoft's doc page UX isn't very good though