pangea musta been mindblowing

Submitted by twovests in just_post

imagine being the first person to put the earth puzzle together and realize pangea was probably true

we did this before we could even see the earth from up close!! but also SO recent, like 200 years ago

and now it's a babies concept!! we teach this to 10 year olds

imagine trying to explain to someone 300,000 years ago that they were sitting on a large warm moist rock in a desolate endless voice formed from unthinkably vast (yet tiny) swathe of land, and through advanced numerical future language describing observations built by traveling over large woven beasts of wood and textile,, they were able to piece the puzzle together that the vast masses were once one?

you could explain that to someone from even 300 years ago, who knows what boats and maps are, and they'd go "WOAHHHHH. that's understandable because i know what boats and maps are but unthinkably radical."

anyways. what i'm going to tell u is just as true as pangea but is going to blow your mind ON both accounts



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