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twovests wrote

I can't believe they managed to meet and surpass these 16 years of simmering hype and expectations. I remember being in 2005 on an Animal Crossing forum talking about Metroid Prime being an X-Parasite and wondering how Dread would make use of the DS screens.

Also, it seems like Chozo is a real con-lang? I can't believe they managed to nail VAing Samus in a way that was satisfying, fitting, and great. The warrior scream at the end sent absolute chills down my spine.


devtesla wrote

I knew the game was gonna be good cause Samus Returns rules, I didn't know it was gonna be like, this good.

The plot surprised me too. There's only a handful of cutscenes but I was kinda ??? about them, but then the ending brings it all together. I'm playing through it again and the things it's trying to do are more clear, it's very cool