critque on a homestuck flash animation that i don't wanna actually post because i'd feel bad criticizing the hard work put into this

Submitted by onevest in just_post

in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=gV3sis_x25E

look i see you did your best to stretch this film to 14:13 to hit 1. the meme number and 2. epic long flash sequence length length, but

man that was just really bad pacing!! if it weren't for that i think this would have been a really well executed work! the epic homestuck flashes we love are usually composed of short atmosphere/setting establishment shots and RAPIDFIRE INFORMATION INFODUMPS!! and this was.... not that.

to illustrate this to myself, i re-watched this animation, skipping forward 5 seconds roughly every 1 second. the end result is... not so bad? the pacing is practically fixed.

i bet you could fit this into 1:43! maybe 3:14 if you stretched it. but 14:13 was too long and it makes me sad because otherwise, this would have been really good!



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onevest wrote

a response to critique form the artist:

A: Yeah folks I’m sorry to admit you’re right. All I can offer you is the fact I wanted to reach the meme number of 14:13, and had to work with the pacing of the songs. I’d give you a cookie for your smart thinking too but I already ate it.

Holy fuck that was a lot of cookies, and holy shit this was a pointless joke. But I felt like making it. Just like this whole Skaianet deal.