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voxpoplar wrote

it's still interesting to hear though


twovests wrote

This is the first I heard of this trend and I'm binging these once I'm out of this meeting. I see what the author is going for but I am excited nonetheless


Moonside wrote

Did you read to the end?


twovests wrote

Oh yea! I skimmed the article to the end originally and I realize I came off as more negative than I intended lol

I appreciate the input the author has too. For historical appreciation of videogames, I really think it's important people know that emulation and media like these restorations aren't true to the source.

E.g. I love Shovel Knight and The Messenger and all the modern pixel-art aesthetic but they aren't replicating the real look of pixels blasted onto a CRT. I have a strong memory of being surprised by the realism of the hand in SNES clue. The dithering looks different when it's a tad fuzzy. I know this is a lukewarm take but I'm excited for if indie devs experimentally regress in technology, and are releasing experimental games for specialized hardware with shitty displays (or whatnot). Like Panic's 'PlayDate' with a monochrome display and a hand-crank.