My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You youtube.com

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i'm a little bit in a bad way. still struggling with lack of sleep. decided to just sing along to the entirety of the black parade. felt a bit better

despite "welcome to the black parade" being the obvious setpiece song of the album, i still think that "i don't love you" has got a better mass appeal. you can just play it on the radio without batting an eye; playing "welcome to the black parade" would feel like an obvious wink nod-type of pandering to the nerds a la playing queen's "bohemian rhapsody". like, don't get me wrong; i am nerds, but


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neku wrote

i kind of put my emo phase (in the sense of enjoying the aesthetics and subculture but not really participating in it) behind me as i grew up and rarely if ever listen to the music of that era any more but when i do i can feel awfully nostalgic in a way that i don't get for other music. i totally hated my life back then, in ways that aren't really familiar or pertinent to me now, but sometimes i wish i could go back and be that person again. sorry to hear that you're having a rough go of things right now. sometimes you just gotta sing along to an entire album alone in your car