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god fuken dammit this article is the third time in two weeks i hit the front page of "hacker" "news".


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Yeah this only applies to certain types of forums.

I've been thinking of creating A Thing made of participating sites. Starting with a webring, inclusion criteria, and a chatroom to share draft posts; then I'll add a forum. I want to keep everything low-volume, and this was my brainstorming.

not really a forum or social network as much as a community that happens to include a forum.


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Yeah, orca isn't too bad tbh; it's just not really great.

It's better than, say, VoiceOver for iOS but that's not exactly a high bar.

On top of that, Chromium and derivatives (including Electron) have really flaky support for the necessary accessibility APIs. You're pretty much limited to GTK, Qt, and Firefox or WebKit2GTK for a good experience.

You know, I used to be on the "webshit bad" train and I still kind of am, but Qt is literally the only alternative to webapps when it comes to making cross-platform internationalized GUIs with good accessibility. Hopefully Odilia's addon and scripting support could improve that situation.


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Funny since most of the freeze peach hordes are really US-centric and like to cite the US Constitution's First Amendment. Because that same amendment was used to protect freedom of association.

The freedom to do something does not imply compulsion to do it. I have the freedom to listen to or associate with someone spouting garbage. I have the freedom to stick my cut hand in a pool full of piranhas. That doesn't mean I'll do either thing.

So yes, someone's freedom to spout garbage implies that I have the freedom to block someone from my platform, under a US-centric framework at least.