Watch Salt Fat Acid Heat it's good

Submitted by devtesla in just_eate

It's a netflix food show that does all of the normal like, impossibly good ingredients and extremely talented chefs stuff of most netflix food shows (tho I think the ones Samin Nosrat shows are incredibly cool) but it also folds in like, actual reasons why these impossibly great things are tasty and then how to apply that to making food on your own. It's kinda sneaky that way.

I was primed to like it cause I did already get the book but I'm super happy that the show is just as good.

I think I'm getting more out of it just cause I never really cared about food growing up but I feel like it's helping me skip like years of mistakes lol. It didn't make me like a good cook but like, a better and less stressed one which is cool.

Anyway yea watch it it's good.


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mm_ wrote

oo thanks ill for sure check this out