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The series three thing is also really weird. The show was not popular in Japan but did well enough overseas to get a third series made. They made a full series in Japanese and then just... didn't release it. For over a decade. It came out last year.

And it turns out the internation versions were quite heavily censored. There's a character who's important to Shadow's storyline who dies and and Shadow's last scene is visiting her grave. And in every version of the show that aired for over a decade shoe just... flies off and is never seen again.


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Yeah originally integrate only undid differentiate and wasn't a win condition. When I updated last week it I decided to add more levels going the other way with integrate. I realised it was much easier so I made it so you had to do it once more than differentiate. It might have been a mistake to let you do something that just lets you avoid the main joke but I also thought it was unsatisfyingly asymmetric before.


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So the grammatical answer is that you repeat the verb in the negative.

  • An rachaidh tú? - Will you go?
  • rachaidh - Yes (just the future tense form of the verb go on its own)
  • ní rachaidh - No (the future tense form of the verb with the negative particle before it)

You can give more verbose answers as well but that's the most terse way.

What they went with in the game is a bit more verbose to account for the fact that it was presumably not feasible for them to record a negative form of every verb that gets act of the player in the game and dynamically play them back at the appropriate time. It's the sentence "ní dhéanfaidh mé é sin" (I will not do that) said very quickly.


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it has an option to set the shouting language to Irish and takes into account that there is no native Irish word for "no" which impressed me greatly


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oh fuck I didn't know thatcher had an account on here