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the aesthetic potrays a wildly unhealthy and terrible view of transitioning. justine is nothing but abusive and miserable towards catty. its way more than slighty skewed towards justine, it paints catty as naive and then gives a token "maybe both sides have points" at the end to get out of criticism

" Some people call it truscum-y," it is "but there really wasn't anything so problematic in it. " there is (she literally implies all gnc trans women are white) "Justine's view isn't nice" no shit "how trans people generally have to adapt to it" adapt to it doesn't mean wallow in self pity

"which I can't say I dislike" listen, wallowing in self pity and misery feels good, but it helps no one, not even you. either learn to actually cope healthily or just don't make major videos exposing your views to young trans people. you are not the beacon or rationality and harsh truths you (or at least contra) thinks you are , you're just a miserable ass who cant keep their misery to themself.

i wasted years of my life being like you and contra, and i tried to kill myself 3 times as a result. Get help.


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well some of them are being better than what i'd expect but still.

Also the number of people going "She's not trans! She just hates the idea of facial hair and growing into a man and wants to be called a girl and she/her and hates her old name and now goes by lily" is hilarious. Like does she have to look into the camera and say "I am a transgender girl" 3 times for nerds to take the hint?


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anime fans are predictably bad as ever though