Tumblr meltdown part 2

Submitted by Moonside in yourpersonalblog

  1. The Internet Archive itself is busy archiving NSFW Tumblr blogs, which is apparently uncharacteristic of them. BTW, if someone is doubling donations to the Internet Archive today. I've been meaning to do so for a long time and today I chipped in 25$.
  2. Newgrounds find the occasion to remind that they've always allowed NSFW content. Artists celebrate. Even PornHub brags that they serve creators better than Tumblr which is probably dubious but thanks to Verizon will become real.
  3. Alex Hirsch knocks it out of the park with a poem.
  4. Contrary to the rumors, Verizon probably didn't lose much market value because of this. The recent tumbling down was probably caused by worsening credit rating, or something, it's some finance nonsense.


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