What are the arguments in support of Israel?

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So, I'm definitely in a bubble of people who agree that Israel is a military colonial entity that is wholly in the wrong in their aggression against Palestine.

I certainly agree with the reasoning here. But I don't think I have a complete understanding of "the other side".

Like, I have "homophobe.exe", "terf.exe", "anti-choice.exe", "all-lives-matter.exe" in my head, like, I can simulate a person who holds these views. I like to have a thorough enough understanding of the arguments and beliefs and ideas of people who I disagree with. But I'm realizing I definitely don't have a "zionist.exe" in my head. Does any of this make sense?

At a risk of saying "hey, I need a Devil's Advocate here", I think I need a Devil's Advocate here. Does anyone know of any good sources that lay out the arguments in support of Israel? Even if it's someone who is actually in support of Israel because, again, bubble.

I'm not looking for a "change my view" and I'm not gonna come back out saying "hey you know what, Israel's pretty good actually despite killing civilians and children and bombing a media office", I just feel like it'll be useful (in a literal sense) to understand 'the other side' a little bit better.


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Moonside wrote

Various and heterogeneous, from real political ones as de facto supporting US interests, eschatological ones concerning Israel's place in the second coming of Jesus such as with right wing evangelicals, tradition of Zionism proper from The Jewish State of Theodor Herzl forward.

Also, states use whatever bullshit necessary to bolster their actions, Israel is not wholly special in that regard.


neku wrote

  • israel is the Only Democracy In The Middle East and needs to be protected from islamist fundamentalists

  • israel is Under Attack by Hamas Rockets from Terrorist Palestine therefore any retaliation is just and fair

  • israel is the Homeland Of The Jews. Jews need a Homeland. Jews made the Desert Bloom. you would deny Jews a Homeland?

  • the gathering of jews in israel is necessary to usher in the end times that will deliver us from these godless heathens https://inthesetimes.com/article/christians-united-for-israel-zionism-john-hagee-donald-trump-israel-palestine-iran therefore any action that puts jews in israel is good and fair, because it brings them towards conversion to christianity or being sent to hell by jesus' final judgment

  • Israel is white, Palestine is brown/Israel is white, Palestine is muslim

  • Israel is a sensible law abiding nation while Palestine is unruly and uncivilised

blah blah blah


ellynu wrote

Israel is white, Palestine is brown/Israel is white, Palestine is muslim

this is definitely a way that people are gonna defend them but there is also a large collection of jewish israeli people who have a long family history in the middle east and definitely would not be considered white in any sense, and i feel like that's important to understand too.

the mizrahi/sephardi haredim (super orthodox) conservative religious party in the knesst holds more seats than the ashkenazi equivalent, for example.


neku wrote

sure but no westerner knows or cares about that. israel is a white country like south africa is a white country. the details have nothing to do with it


ellynu wrote

i know somebody who is sephardi and has family in israel and she would definitely bring this up as a fact to say that people know nothing about israel so i guess its important if you are interacting with anyone like that.


toasthaste wrote

specifically do you mean support of israel's existence, or support of its actions toward palestine?


twovests wrote (edited )

Oh sorry, yeah, I probably should have worded it "in defense of Israel's actions."

What I mean to stress is that I really don't have the in-depth comprehension of this that I'd like to have


toasthaste wrote

I def also do not have this comprehension, but I think seeking to understand is a good way to do thing