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emma wrote

It's alright to be relieved when you can stop learning French, yes.


srsly wrote

There's a big world-wide right-wing fascist boom that happened over the last several years and one of the biggest players in that just suffered a pretty big loss so that feels good yes.

If you wanna cheer on some winners last night without cheering on Biden's status quo plans, AOC and The Squad all won their reelections, and they're talking about starting fights with the Democrat rank-n-file.


devtesla wrote

if I was gonna learn a language it's German, they have good immigration laws. but yea I wouldn't change my bug out plans if I were you


twovests wrote

I know it's ~cliche~ but my original plan was Canada. I already know English, but you get bonus points for French, and I'd already learned some as a kid.


ellynu wrote

learn german so you can read some karl marx, untranslated.

Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt Euch!