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hollyhoppet wrote

god those stick figures are great but yeah if my boss made me do this i'd be so pissed. all that "stop resisting" language is super creepy


Dogmantra wrote

That's CBT for ya!


hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

tbh that sounds like poorly applied CBT. The way I learned it CBT is about identifying why certain things are making you feel a certain way. "Stop resisting" never came into the equation when I learned it. In fact resisting or pushing back against someone committing abuse is often actually the right course of action.


emma wrote

I love Clint, but many of the social aspects of the things he covers goes straight over his head. Like in the Microsoft BOB review he fails to mention how the product was marketed towards stay-at-home mums, and how condescending it was in that regard. This is such a huge aspect of BOB that every reviewer gets wrong.