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I wish the Ilhan Omar saga had more input by Palestinians cause wow they don't show up at all in any part of it but I still see it as a good sign. I don't think what she said went far at all and was actually subdued but seeing people's anger at her backfire is some good shit.


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flabberghaster wrote

I just read a Washington Post article about her and it's really pissing me off.

The center and the right have found that smearing her in the same way as corbyn is really effective, so now anyone who says "hey how about we stop supporting a regime that blows off protester's kneecaps with snipers" is actually an antisemite.

It's immensely frustrating. And it's especially dangerous because if you conflate those two things what you're doing is reinforcing the idea that israel and Judaism are the same thing. So whatever evil Israel does you're imputing onto jews at large.

Not to mention the conflation of "nation" with "ethnicity" plays strongly into ethnonationalistic rhetoric. If "Israel" and "Judaism" are the same then "saudi arabia" and "arabs" are more closely aligned. Same goes for whiteness and western countries.

The whole thing fucking sucks at every fucking level. And we all now they're just doing it because of lobbying and foreign policy agendas. They don't actually have sincere beliefs on this, these op ed writers and politicians who are after ilhan omar and corbyn.