rip in peace "mastodon" dailydot.com

Submitted by hollyhoppet in vote_satan (edited )

Apparently Mastodon (no mention in the article of other high-profile fediverse software like Pleroma) is falling apart because we don't want to talk about Trump 24/7 like on twitter


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devtesla wrote

This article is a mess but yea I don't use mastodon for basically the reasons they cite


hollyhoppet wrote

Aside from the obvious alt-right/nazi/anti-sjw instances (which most instances block) I pretty much don't bother engaging with anything from mastodon.social or cyber.space or the other big "flagship" instances because like... they're so bad lol. Many of the smaller instances don't even include them in their list of "known" networks.

I guess Mastodon is crumbling in the sense that the flagship instances aren't in a very healthy place, but the idea of a flagship instance was probably a mistake in the first place anyway.


oakreef wrote

I'm on mastodon.social. I'd move but I've no idea where to move to.


hollyhoppet wrote

Hmmm I’ll keep an eye out on my timeline for an instance that would be a good fit for you