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hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

it's definitely more work but i've gone all open source on my password management and use a keepass database i share between computers using syncthing. keepass also has a mobile app that i believe lets you sync the database from a pc but i haven't tried that out yet

anyway if you don't mind some extra effort and feel technically savvy enough i thought i'd just throw it out there as an option


emma wrote

i just use the one built-in to firefox. i'm fairly confident mozilla is far away from doing something shitty with peoples' passwords.


bea wrote

I use KeePassDX on my phone with the database synced using Syncthing to my laptop where I use kpcli. Though, unless you also prefer to live inside a terminal, you're probably better off with KeePassXC for more features and support for newer database format/algorithms.


oakreef wrote

I have this exact setup (with KeePassXC) and I have no complaints.


twovests wrote


it's $3/mo or $5/mo when billing is shared with up to 5 people. (BTW, none of the 5 people can see one anothers passwords unless they explicitly choose to share.)

Can't go wrong with 1password tbh


devtesla wrote

I've used 1password for over a decade and it has never let me down. Worth it even if it's a bit pricey