How hard would it be to add image hosting to postmill?

Submitted by flabberghaster in meta

I assume the main reasons not to would be: a) space and b) monitoring for bad content and maybe d) not wanting to pay for bandwidth if people cross link... But sometimes I have a neat pic to share (such as, a photo of a dozen turtles on a log) and don't want to figure out how to put it on imgur and also don't want to put it on discord or something.

Would be a nice feature to let people upload photos to post mill, if it's feasible.


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emma wrote

Postmill already has it. Unfortunately it relies on either local file hosting or an S3 compatible store, the latter of which has performance issues that I just can't find the motivation to fix, and so it's not suitable for a site served from an ephemeral filesystem like this one.


hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

i'm terrible at web dev so either you'll have to figure out the code yourself or hope emma sees this :P

but yes part of it would probably involve finding an image hosting service which is something i'd prefer not to deal with