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hollyhoppet wrote

while i really don't like discord as a company i think it's important to remember that the perceived barrier to entry is way smaller than irc for non-technical people. i can't tell you how many times in the IRC's heyday people expressed not wanting to join because IRC seemed difficult to use for them.

i honestly feel like IRC and its successors (discord, slack, matrix to a degree) are major internet infrastructure, and there should be a more accessible version of it that isn't owned by a corporation but we don't really have that.


Moonside wrote

Honestly I am quite technical an user and I really haven't stumbled upon an IRC client that I really like, approximately in the same way as I enjoy using a well-designed toaster. The one I used the longest was the one in Emacs! Discord is kinda pretty ok if you forget about the corporate side.


twovests wrote

Tbh even IRC has a high barrier of entry for technical people who want message logs and basic privacy (i.e. ZNC).

I'm kind of shocked there isn't some free or very-cheap ZNC service out there, I'd much rather pay $5/mo to a service that does all the hard work than $5/mo to manage my own VPS.