Having trouble telling what's a top level comment and what's a reply? I've made a custom theme for you!

Submitted by devtesla admin in meta

To turn it on go to user settings by clicking your name, hit the dropdown for Preferred Theme, and select "comment-boxes".

Unfortunately user themes are overridden by the subforum themes, which are used to change the colors in places like /f/just_post and /f/GoldenAgeOfTV. You can turn off subform themes entirely by unchecking "Show custom stylesheets" in user settings, but that also means every forum is now blue.

I designed the comments to be dense because that's the way I like em, but we'll probably end up changing that since I understand why people would have problems with em. There's a couple ways we could build options to accommodate everyone, like let people change how comments look but still give em custom themes, but I can't promise that we'll get around to it.

Oh! And sometime soon I'll make a guide to how custom themes work, to help you make your own!

Thank you for posting! Let me know what you think.


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musou wrote

i like the lines, it reminds me of old tumblr. but i am not visual enough to care if the default gets changed


hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

If you want to disable all subforums' custom CSS, you can do it by unchecking "show custom stylesheets" in your user settings. You will miss out on devtesla's impeccable color choices though.


oolong wrote

i'll miss the colours but yup, this is much better!! thank much!!