Help me solve the mystery of the mysterious bans

Submitted by hollyhoppet in meta (edited )

Hey all, I'm investigating an issue on jstpst where people seem to be mysteriously banned but only temporarily?

If you're seeing such issues please let me know in #meta or in pm on discord with your username on the site, and a screenshot showing what says you're banned and whether or not you can post and any more pertinent details you can think of. You can also comment here or pm me here if you're able to post again.

When you saw the faux-ban, and when you were able to post again, with as specific a time as you can manage, would help me out a fair bit too.


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bunnies wrote

just guessing here, but could this be the work of the post ghost?


hollyhoppet wrote

thank you for giving me a great excuse for every single bug that will end up occuring on this site


bunnies wrote

It finally got me, just as I was replying to this comment https://www.jstpst.net/f/general/1911/comment/4326

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/dSIfe9W

Code on the banned page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<p>You are banned!</p>

I took a screenshot and started to write this comment, and when I was done I clicked back in that tab and tried to repost the original comment and it went through (I didn't try to post it again immediately afterwards).