We need mascot graphics!

Submitted by hollyhoppet in meta (edited )

I need two graphics for jstpst's mascot. The mascot will either be the "Post Ghost" (one that is possibly also a goat it has been brought to my attention that an awful site used by awful people uses a goat as their mascot so I'm vetoing that, sorry for those who voted for it) or a hedgehog. Or maybe a ghost hedgehog? I don't care which I just want something please!

I need an image that can replace this one (128x128), and a favicon (16x16). It would be neatif it can somehow include some of the same blue on the front page of the site, though not required. Due to copyright concerns please do not make a blue hedgehog though lol.

I will be eternally appreciative to whoever can get me this art! Pleeeeeeease <3.


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ShiningWing wrote

Don't make it a goat, there's already a reddit-like site with a goat mascot that we absolutely do not want to be associated with, lol