Regarding the cessation of Postmill development

Submitted by hollyhoppet admin in meta (edited )

If you haven't read the news, Emma, the basically sole developer of Postmill, will be stepping down from the project.

Just want everyone to know in case they were worried that jstpst ain't going anywhere any time soon. I will continue to use a fork of Postmill and I will continue to make improvements on it at my snail's pace.

@Emma if you end up reading this I wish you the best and hope your break does you good. Your health is important and you gotta take care of yourself. And also THANK YOU so so much for making Postmill in the first place. It's basically saved our small community.

Lastly, though I don't expect this to happen, I want to mention I won't tolerate any sort of dispute that may be occurring in the other community bleeding into here. I don't have a way to understand the dynamics of the situation with enough depth to make any judgement calls, nor do I want to. Suffice it to say that antagonistic or passive aggressive behaviors are not ok and will be met with a warning, then a ban if a warning isn't enough.


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neku wrote

if we used the same version of the reddit software for like four years or whatever we can do it again


Moonside wrote

It also seems like the PostMill code base is like a million times more tractable than what Reddit had. Like there were a few small fixes I had in my mind to open as issues on Gitlab which are still perfectly feasible to implement. And if I bothered to learn PHP I could apply my own elbow grease in the spirit of oakreef too.


oakreef wrote (edited )

I don't know PHP but if you want a fresh pair of eyes on any fixes or upgrades you happen to be doing on your branch I'll be happy to lend a hand, meme queen supreme.


Moonside wrote

yeah same, though I do wonder if we should have a place for code. Like Gitlab, but in our control.


musou wrote

ah bummer. i'm not on raddle at all so this is the first i've heard of this. emma was totally chill and awesome and really helpful when i was trying to file a pull request. i hope things improve for them.

i am also not really a PHP programmer but i know a little from doing some work with drupal like 8 years ago and i'm willing to help continue this fork of postmill as needs arise. i love this website a lot and i wanna help out if i can.