Will this site eventually have submission thumbnails?

Submitted by ShiningWing in meta

Basically, I have just realized that without thumbnails, I can't make the Material Design theme happen since it uses a few custom images, which I can't use without having thumbnails on the site (since the theme basically uses submission thumbnails as its image store). So I have to ask, will this site have thumbnails enabled at some point? Thanks.


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hollyhoppet admin wrote

I'm coming out of a very draining career crisis for lack of a better word and thumbnails are one of my goals to get done while I'm taking my break. That being said this involves doing an integration with a service like s3 so if I can't figure it out either someone else will have to do it or it'll just be a longer term project.


Moonside wrote (edited )

To add to what the admin said, the software this site runs on, PostMill, will on some future date probably have more options for adding images to themes and shit.

EDIT: ok the author stopped development of PostMill so that's not going to happen.