i feel like i was the only person in the world who didn't immediately vibe with tears of the kingdom [minor spoilers]

Submitted by emma in killallgames

i got the game on monday, did the tutorial section, then began doing shrines in hyrule.

being completely botw-brained, i just assumed i would have everything i needed to do the shrines at this point. as it turns out, you need the paraglider for a lot of them, but I didn't know it was even in the game until this morning. so for 4 days, i went around thinking i was too dumb to figure out the shrines, and i kept dying while exploring because i'm bad and I couldn't get more heart containers.

so i had a pretty miserable time these first few days, and i was wondering why everyone was liking totk and i wasn't. fortunately, i figured it out and now i can barely put the game down. i guess that if there's a lesson to be had here, it's that making your new thing look like your previous thing means people might walk in with incorrect expectations based on earlier experience.

also while typing this, my iphone suggested the phrase 'tears of the lgbt'. so if anyone's planning a rom hack and they need a cool title, there you go.


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devtesla wrote

yeah totk really expects you to actually follow the implied main quest order in a way that's kind of a shame


neku wrote

this game should be called Tears of the Tingdom and be about tingle.


hollyhoppet wrote (edited )

i dunno i feel like it's generally a bit polarizing. i know a few people who feel a bit mid about the game.

i'm gobbling it up though. it feels like it was designed exactly specifically for my weird little goblin builder brain. That said I can definitely see its flaws.


devtesla wrote

RPG Site gave it a 10, and they tend to like games with pleasing grinding and collecting and stats and stuff. The way the game makes you gather this from here, to do this here, etc etc is well designed.