the new Voice of Cards game comes out in 2 weeks square-enix-games.com

Submitted by musou in killallgames

i really like this series so i'm excited for this one. the voice acting in the first one (The Isle Dragon Roars) was great. the story was quite a journey and i felt like the multiple endings made for some interesting choices. the second one (The Forsaken Maiden) had some obvious flaws, i wasn't invested in the predictable and kinda misogynist "save the traumatized girl and she'll love you forever" story arc of the main characters in Maiden, and i thought the voice acting wasn't nearly as compelling (dunno why they didn't just get the same actor from the first one), but i did really like the supporting characters and their stories. there was even a cool trans affirming storyline in Maiden. the premise of this new one seems a lot more interesting than Maiden, and the new capturing monsters mechanic reminds me of Shin Megami Tensei in a good way.


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hollyhoppet wrote

i didn't even know a second one had been made! maybe i should check them out