my review of xenoblade chronicles 3

Submitted by hollyhoppet in killallgames (edited )

unlike 2, xenoblade chronicles 3 isn't so horny as to be embarrassing to play. in fact the game seems to have very little, if any, interest in leering at the characters. it's a breath of fresh air

the game is full of interesting intersecting mechanics that actually work together. some may say xenoblade games tend to have systems bloat but i say the more the merrier lol as long as they work.

the characters are all super amazing and lovable. i can't say whether i like story or not yet because these games' stories are real slow burns, but as of now i believe i'm in the late early game and i'm picking up what they're putting down.

compared to the first game, xenoblade x and xenoblade 2 were kind of let-downs (though there's a lot to love about x despite it's awkward parts). 3 might finally surpass it as my fav of the series.


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devtesla wrote

I'm like maybe 30% through but I'm pretty sure the cast of xeno 3 is gonna save the world just by being polite and thoughtful